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First let me thank everyone who have been coming to my Sunday Workshops. The word has gotten out and the response has been incredible.

February Workshops:

Sun., Feb. 18

"Getting the Club to the Top of the Back Swing"
(where it should be)

Two sessions:
9:00 – 10:00 a.m.
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

(When you register please let me know which session you will be attending.)

Are you one of the thousands of golfers who never really think how to begin the take away process, or what swing path you should be taking to get the club to the top of your back swing, where it should be?

The importance of the back swing can never be over-stated. This is the beginning of your swing, if it’s out of whack the down swing and the subsequent impact will be, as well.

This Sunday’s workshop will give you an understanding of how and where the top of the back swing is, and how to achieve it.

*   *   *  

What to bring:Please bring a middle iron (5 or 6) and a short iron (8 or 9). You may bring any other clubs you would like to work on during this workshop.

Cost: $15 Pre-registered; $20 non-registered

Meeting Place:
Diamond Oaks Short Game practice facility.

Please note I’m doing preregistration discounts. If you plan on attending click on the registration button below. You are under no obligation to attend, but it helps me know how many hitting stalls on the range I’ll need to set aside for participants in my Workshops. Thanks in advance.

$15 Pre-registered;
$20 Non-registered.

Register for this Workshop

Please call the pro shop 1 hour prior if it looks like rain and you are unsure if we are holding the workshop.

Diamond Oaks Pro Shop: 916.771.4653

For more information about Dale’s workshops contact Dale at , or call the Diamond Oaks Pro Shop at 916.771.4653.

Juniors, beginners, returning golfers... Dale Smith, Teaching Professional at Diamond Oaks Golf Course in Roseville, can help you develop and improve your golf game.

Located just ten minutes from the I-80/SR65 Interchange, Diamond Oaks Golf Course offers programs and workshops for golfers of all skill levels.

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